Resistance Bands3 Pack


  • Resistance Bands - 3 Pack
  • Resistance Bands - 3 Pack
  • Resistance Bands - 3 Pack
  • Resistance Bands - 3 Pack
  • Resistance Bands - 3 Pack

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Functional Fitness:

This pack of 3 resistance bands helps you target key muscle groups and improve standard exercises to build more muscle:

 Shape and Grow Your Glutes
 Improve Overall Leg Strength
 Strengthen and Improve Your Core

With 3 different strengths, you can increase the resistance as you improve. You can also use different strengths for different exercises.

Product Details:

A pack of 3 looped resistance bands made from 100% latex rubber, including a small black carry case.

Medium - Yellow
Strong - Red
Very Strong - Black

Every Set Plants A Tree:

By purchasing the resistance bands you will plant 1 tree. With 80% of the world's forests already destroyed, you will help fight back against deforestation. Not just for our wildlife, but for our climate too.

How To Use Exercise Bands:

Place them around your legs at different points to increase the tension in key muscle groups. There are many exercises you can use them with including squats, leg raises, lateral band walks and many many more.

Worldwide Delivery:

 United Kingdom: £2.95
 European Countries: £7.20
 Rest of the World: £10.95

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